About Us

Muralidharan Engineers founded in 2008 in Karnal Dist., with team having over 10 years experience in steel fabrication and a wide range skills and processes. We are able to satisfy the needs of individual clients, having been involved in projects covering a broad spread of industrial sectors.

We have the flexibility to tailor our production to meet the needs of our clients. Our experienced and expertise also allows us to work closely with our clients from the design stage of projects until final dispatch to site.

There is still a void of giving value of money services. Muralidharan Engineers has the vision to fill the void and create a new segment in PEB industry where every KG is consumed with full engineering and experienced services. We eliminate cheap products by giving world standard quality .

The seeds sowed eight years ago has turned into a full grown tree backed by inclusion of experienced professional to carry forward momentum to its potential level .Muralidharan Engineers has invested in all major segments with the world’s best infrastructure requirements. 


Muralidharan Engineers is on mission to provide excellent services and product to enable customer get value for each penny. Emphasis is on creating a platform where we understand customers requirement better then them and our solutions provided are best possible . We are on a mission to blend exuberance of youth with maturity of experience to give perfect services.


Muralidharan Engineers is committed to create a brand in industry where Muralidharan Engineers is considered synonyms of ethics, quality and excellence in performance. Our company will bring innovation in designs and product to improvise PEB performance in the industry.